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What is 92.5 silver

It is a quality certification of silver ensuring that it is 92.5% silver, like Gold having 91.6

How to take care of your jewelry

Avoid contact of any moisture (water, perfume) or any chemical substances

Keep your jewelry in a plastic zip lock and avoid velvet touch of any stylish box you might have

Deposit on COD

The fixed amount which we charge of 300rs on COD is there covering all costs of shipment and to ensure we aren't getting false orders

Return policies

You can return the the products within 5 days after delivery with reason for returning with good product condition

Delivery policies

You will recieve confirmation on your email about your purchase and it's summary, we estimate the delivery between 7-9 days at most and your product will reach you as soon as possible. And you will be notified about every phase of delivery

Refund policies

You will be refunded money after deduction of 150rs on your total billing amount if the product is in good condition and you just don't wish to keep it. We will refund the full amount if we find out that the product you recieved has some sort of fault in it

Quality certification

Our products are pure 92.5 silver certified and they will have a marking of 92.5 on them which ensures it's quality.